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Hi everyone!

Thanks for looking at Wildsugar Wedding Stationery.
Here's a little bit about the person behind the company..

After qualifying in graphic design, I started my career with Shell UK Oil.
I stayed there  for over a year, before leaving to join Yorkshire TV
in London for four years.
I then decided to set up my own design business, so I could work
for many different people, instead of just one company.
Keeping YTV and Shell as customers, I expanded my portfolio
to include clients such as Threshold Records, The Moody Blues,
Intercity, Boots, Financial companies in the city, property developers,
Vetwise, Non Stop Party Shop, and was fortunate to be asked to
design a book on the life of film producer David Lean.

My career was pushed in a different direction last year when I was asked
to design wedding stationery for family and friends.
I enjoyed it so much I didn't want to stop!
What could be more fun than designing for such a happy occasion?
Hence Wildsugar was born.

I hope you enjoy looking through Wildsugar's portfolio and find
something you really LOVE!

Best Wishes

Penny x